Mister Alegre

Talikodgenic (at SM Aura Premier)
Ang lihim ni Antonia (at SM Aura Premier)
Cacnio atbp.  (at SM Aura Premier)
#manilaart2014  (at SM Aura Premier)
🍻 (at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila)
🍻 (at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila)
nachos and quesadilla
Silantro’s Grilled Mahi- Mahi
Stamina Ramen, Gomoku Namban and Kara-age Don (at Tamagoya Noodle House)
Gomoku Namban with extra Yakibuta and eggs (at Tamagoya Noodle House)
Today the sun rises anew. It’s a new day. This means the mistakes and failures are locked up in yesterday. Don’t allow it to muddle up the newness of today. Happy Sunday! (at www.misteralegre.com)
Juandering in Baguio http://ift.tt/1qI4wwT
Lunch at Silantro http://ift.tt/1qaQncr
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